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2010: A Review

2010 started pretty bleak. I was working a 9-5 job in corporate hell making much less than I was worth. Day in and day out, I became more and more like a zombie, following the routine dictated by my job. I was not feeling good about my career.

The economy continued to sour. Gas prices went up — still not sure why, and the cost of living became higher and higher while wages were lower and lower. Our company rewarded our hard work and dedication by making us pay for 100% of our healthcare coverage. Our friendly HR Director informed us that it was “Obama’s fault” that our company could no longer afford to pay anything toward our premiums. Naturally, I was disgusted, but did what I had to do to keep coverage.

April Fool’s Day (April 1) my company informed us that we were all being laid off in two months and that our jobs were being sent to India. This was not a big surprise as many corporations were sending their work outside the US for cheaper labor. They claimed poor economy and even more Americans became unemployed.

I’ll admit, it was both a relief and a fear to know I was going to lose my job. Thankfully, there were a few of us who began searching for our options and immediately discovered the Trade Assistance Act. We applied on behalf of the employees at our company and won — this meant that the government would extend our unemployment benefits by 130 months and send us back to college FREE.

I took full advantage of the benefits and after leaving my company in May, I took the summer off and then started back to school (again) in the Fall. This time, I’m working toward a law degree.

It took a few months for me to relax enough to actually feel relief. So many American’s are back in college now seeking new careers that they hope will land them a job. My hope is that the economy will also have picked up by the time I’m done!

A friend of mine recommended Twitter over the summer. It didn’t take long for me to become hooked. I’ve met some remarkable people via Twitter. I find it to be fulfilling considering I detest the presence of most people. I guess I’m quirky that way. I have less tolerance for ignorance and hate as I get older. I simply want to interact with real people.

I met a creative soul and was inspired to begin blogging and writing. I even started writing my first Twitter novel!  Finding my way out of the unhealthy daily struggle of my previous existence has made me appreciate my own creativity and push myself to explore more!

As the current year is coming to a close, I am thankful for the good things and am letting go of the bad. I’m welcoming 2011 with arms wide open! My possibilities are limitless — watch out!

Happy New Year!