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The Atheist Stigma

There are many different types of atheists, so I’m learning. It’s not that I expected all atheists to fit neatly into a pretty little box, but what I have found is that there are differences in how some atheists define their lack of belief. I can understand why some people prefer to use terms such as “free-thinker”, “secular”, or simply, “non-believer” to identify with. By eliminating the title of “atheist”,  people are essentially removing the often negative stigma associated with it.

Naturally, there are those who consider these people to be wimps, or sell-outs. Some professed atheists are fundamentalist-like in their aggression toward believers and also toward those who define atheism differently than they do.It leaves a bad taste in the mouth!

I consider myself to be an atheist, however, my views are different from other atheists. I do not believe in “God” or “gods”. I do believe in the paranormal, as I’ve had personal experiences, and I do believe in reincarnation. I cannot accept that we will not, in time, understand the full scope of our unseen mental abilities. I do not see human existence as so meaningless to adopt the idea that life ends upon the death of our physical bodies. Some may scoff at my definition of atheism as simply that of not believing in “God” or “gods”, but it is as simple as that. I am a supporter of science, a realist and a proof-monger, however, I am also true to myself. I cannot throw out personal experience. Our mind is very powerful. We can perceive things that are not yet explainable. I am not referring to deity, but to the limitless possibilities of energy manipulation and physics.

I have, in the last couple of weeks, pondered whether I should also use terms other than “atheist” to identify myself with. I almost caved — almost decided that it was safer to take on the title of “secular”, but then the punk in me came to the surface, rejected such a silly notion, and I have decided to continue using “atheist”. I am who I am, not a cookie-cutter mold of everyone else!