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Arg! More Snow!

I admit it — I’ve been procrastinating since my last blog post. Call it laziness, call it lack of motivation or even the ‘I don’t give a fuck’s’, whatever — shit happens! I’m not perfect — except in those few moments when my mind wanders off and I see myself in a different light…err…yeah, whatever!

Today should have been my first day back to school after the loooong, ungodly xmas break, but as luck would have it, a snow storm (something that’s very rare here!) happened to land here and the entire city is practically shut down. Mind you, the extra day being cooped up in the house doesn’t help with my depression. Cabin fever has set in and I am beginning to watch survivalist movies such as “Cold Mountain” and “Alive” in which my brain is beginning to trick me into thinking that if my neighbor dies that I may have to eat him in order to survive! Needless to say, I still have the ever-present creative imagination in full force.

Anyway, here’s a few pics of the new snow. Enjoy!



Since it hardly ever snows here, and rarely to this degree, I decided to share some pics. Enjoy!