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Vick wants a dog

Let me just say from the beginning that I do not think Michael Vick should ever have another dog. Animal abusers are sick, twisted fucks who cannot be rehabilitated. It’s not like the time Vick spent in prison helped him understand what he did was wrong on so many levels. Instead, I think he believes his actions were justified. Fuck that! He can say that dog fighting, abuse and murder were part of his upbringing, that everybody around him does it, that fucking Jesus Christ himself came down from heaven and approved his cruel acts, but what he will never admit to (unless he’s made to publicly) is that he really isn’t sorry. If he hadn’t gotten caught, he would still be doing it!

There are some people who enjoy hurting animals, kids, women, the elderly, or anyone that they can manipulate. An animal abuser is just as capable of abusing humans. Statistically, all serial killers start out abusing animals before moving to human victims. There’s just something inside them that’s…dead.

I believe Vick got off too easy. There aren’t strict enough laws against animal abuse, in my opinion. My remedy for Vick and others like him — let the punishment fit the crime. We can lock them all in small cages, purposely not feed them for days, make them live in the more horrific conditions and then once a week, make them fight for their food. Losers who aren’t savagely murdered during the fight over food are soaked in water and then electrocuted, or perhaps doused in gasoline and set on fire, but never snuffed out by a quick and painless method.

You may think my comments harsh and my ideas of how to handle sadistic fucks that harm animals inhumane, but honestly, I don’t care! I have no compassion for anyone who harms an animal. My hope is that they suffer as much as they make their victims. Like Sarah Palin — I hope she’s mauled to death by a caribou!