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Ever Onward

This is my first blog post of 2011. I would have probably let it slide at least another day had I not stopped to consider how much I love to procrastinate. While procrastination is definitely a battle I deal with daily, I’ve been doing pretty good of late with setting short goals and sticking with them.

I would have never thought two weeks ago that I would have started a Twitter novel and written consistently for 10 whole days!  I actually believe the story’s even taking shape. I’m actually finding this type of writing to be less stressful for me and probably a big part of why I’m not procrastinating so much. I’ve also started friending others on Twitter who write Twitter novels, 140 character short stories and poetry and am hoping to submit something in the near future. How exciting and an excellent way for me to start off the new year!

One more week before classes begin again. I’m excited about it — I hate having a break at Christmas for so long. The time is maddening, really. I plan on making sure that I keep myself busy during the next long break. I’ll find something creative to do, and perhaps volunteer for a local animal rescue or shelter.

Speaking of writing, I should write another one of those erotic shorts — what do you think? Something steamy is good for the soul lol. Perhaps I’ll let loose this time and be as scandalous as I am in my brain. God forbid anybody get in there lol.

Ok, enough babbling. I’ve jumped the hurdle of the first post of 2011, so now things can begin to flow again!