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Dick & Jane – The Climax

Dick and Jane had composed themselves by the time the driver had arrived at Jane’s apartment complex. Jane opened her compact, reapplying her lipstick as she waited for the driver to open her door. The moonlight illuminated Jane’s smile as she graciously accepted the driver’s hand. Dick followed in suit, nodding to the driver, an unsaid agreement that he should wait while Dick saw Jane to the door.

The hallway light exposed Dick’s tussled hair. Jane ran her fingers through his hair in an attempt to hide evidence of an indiscreet encounter. “This is certainly turning out to be the most memorable Valentine’s Day of my life,” Jane chuckled, still playing with Dick’s curls. “Jane, I…” Dick started. This time, it was Jane who placed her index finger against his full lips. “Are you going to let the driver stand out there all night Dickie, or are you going to make me sleep alone?”

Dick tipped his hat to the driver who then climbed into the warmth of the car with another story to tell and drove away. Jane stood just inside the doorway holding her hand out to him. He reached for her, following her like a devoted puppy, closing the door behind them. The darkness of the room made it easier for Dick to pull Jane into him, turning her back against the door and pressing hard against her. She tossed his hat into the unknown as his mouth crushed against hers, his hands running up the outsides of her thighs as she wrapped herself around him.

They fumbled through the darkness, losing their clothing along the way until at last, their bodies pressed against her bed. Dick felt primal as he turned her away from him, leaning her over the side of the bed, his constant erection pressing against her. He leaned over her, his mouth moving up her back toward her shoulder as he positioned himself. Jane bumped back against him, a high pitched moan escaping her as he slammed into her, his teeth pressing into her tender flesh.

Jane reached forward, grasping for the soft cotton sheets as Dick continued to pound her. Dick became more aroused with her moans; leaving light bites all down her back as he felt her juices dripping from his cock back against his groin. He delighted in her pleasure, finding himself nearing orgasm as the speed of their dance increased. He reached around her, fondling her breasts, tugging and teasing her nipples until she let out a loud cry. His own climax occurred directly after hers, his eyes rolling as he growled against her sweaty skin.


Dick & Jane – The Tease

Our eyes connected on my first day at the new gig. I knew her type – sophisticated, sassy, snob. I felt her eyes following me as the editor led me to my new desk. I ran my fingers over the typewriter keys adoringly as he gave me the low down on The Globe. Her stare could have carved a hole through the back of my skull although she quickly made herself look busy when I turned to look in her direction.

She, like most women, knew there was something different about me. She could sense it, but wasn’t able to quite put her finger on it. So she watched me believing herself to be discreet and completely unaware that I already had her number. Curiosity was eating away at her.

Over the next few weeks, gossip had plagued the office. The women, mostly, had started the campaign. Headed by the overcurious blonde from my first day, they had assumed, analyzing and discussing tidbits of how they imagined my life must be and even attempted to sum up in detail what monster lie in wait beneath my corduroy khaki’s.

Two months in, my reputation as a hard-nosed reporter made me the envy of many as well as the enemy of others. I was quiet, kept to myself, did my job and left without speaking to anyone I didn’t need to. Professionalism was the key to success. I’ve got plans for the top. Blondie had plans for me.

She smiled as she hovered over my shoulder studying what I was typing. I peered over my glasses at her, waiting for an explanation of her presence. Her teeth were bleach white and perfectly straight. Her crimson lipstick gleamed over her full lips and her long eyelashes highlighted her brilliant blue eyes. She held out her hand to me. “I’m Jane,” she said. There was a moment of silent stillness before I held out my hand. She shook it vigorously, still smiling. “Richard Bender. I go by Dick.”

The introduction was the first of many encounters with Jane. I found myself interrupted on a daily basis by her bright smile. Finally, I invited Jane to lunch – business, of course. She accepted and a few minutes later the shrill of women giggling echoed throughout the office.

Lunch turned into a dinner invitation, and later a date.  Our first kiss occurred on New Year’s Eve underneath the mistletoe at the company holiday party. Jane, like me, had become the envy of the office. Rumors abound and soon whispers of a pending engagement ensued. “Such a handsome couple,” they said, and, “he’s a real catch!”

I arrived, a driver escorting me, with a dozen blood red roses on Valentine’s Day. Dinner at Tres Chic – the feel of her toes as she ran her foot up the inside of my calf – her intoxicated laugh as we danced drunkenly across the dance floor. It was our night.

The driver came to fetch us just before midnight. The car was toasty, the seats a soft suede, the windows tinted for privacy. She pushed herself onto me the moment the door had closed. Our tongues tangled as we began to devour one another. I felt her hand slide up my thigh, finding the monster beneath my trousers to her pleasing. I let her fumble with my buttons, awaiting the grand surprise.

She was still, silent for a moment, and then looked up into my face. There was a hint of shock mixed with the excitement of unknown pleasures as she ran her fingers over the straps the held my erect cock in place. “But you’re a…” I placed my index finger over her lips. She ran her palms up over my neatly pressed shirt, tearing at its delicate buttons, finding the flesh colored binding that restrained breasts. She slapped my face. The sting of her anger burned my skin as she began to suck my fingers, unraveling the shackles and releasing me. Her blue eyes raged as she mounted me, taking me into her, crying out as the windows fogged.