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Phone Post Test

It’s early for me – I’m not usually awake for another four hours, but as luck would have it, I needed to make a trip to campus today to pick up my books for next semester.

There seems to be a discrepancy with the bookstore hours on the website versus what they really are which means that I’m sitting in my car trying not to fall back asleep as the rain makes the most soothing lullaby against the windshield.

In my state of madness, yes, I’m practically insane at this point, I decided to give the Blackberry WordPress app a try. Mind you, I’ve never considered typing a blog post on the phone especially with these tiny little keys, but what the hell, right?! I have time to kill and need to remain alert!

Honestly, I’m surprised I’ve even typed this much. I would have thought my fingertips would be numb by now. Insanity, however, is especially cruel in the early morning hours and so – now find myself unable to stop typing! Go figure!

I will have to wait until I get home to see if this post is even legible. Sigh, such is life (with the thrill kill cult).