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Binding Blues II

As you’ll recall from my previous post, Binding Blues, I was having difficulty finding the right kind of binder. My first binder order was for a men’s gynecomastia vest. It could have been the size, or the way it was made, but either way, it ended up giving me more of a boost than binding…eek!

The second part of my search was an order for Underworks mens microfiber compression tank. I finally received the product in the mail and was pleased by the quality. It was much nicer in every way at $26 than the $60 garment I will now refer to as the “P.o.S.” (no offense to the  manufacturer, but the quality was hideous!)

While the Underworks product was much nicer, it did not work either. The size was all wrong. A 2X was more like a large. I could barely get it over my head much less determine whether I was going to be able to tolerate it before the beginnings of a panic attack started coming on.

Sadly, the Underworks product also gets a thumbs down from me. Let me state though, that there was nothing wrong with the product aside from the size. If all 2X’s were that size, I wouldn’t feel so bad about being a big guy!

Here’s some things I would recommend to any manufacturer of garments made for big guys.

  1. Make sure the size on the label is the actual size of the garment.
  2. Make sure there is ample arm space! Big guys have big arms! No need to cut off our circulation or have the material rub our skin raw! Geesh!
  3. I recommend that you actually meet and speak to big guys before marketing to them. Find out what their needs are and what works best for their bodies. Remember, comfort is of utmost importance!
  4. Less is better. Unless I need an entire tank top, or even straps, there’s no need to create them for binders. I don’t want to have to hide my binder under layers of clothing, nor do I want to have too much material that will make me hot. Big guys sweat! Work with us already!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m willing to pay money for a good product. I feel extremely cheated when I pay for something and it isn’t anywhere near what was promised. Then again, this was also a lesson to me not to purchase from Amazon vendors who have no-return policies 😦

I was fortunate enough to have someone introduce me to Love Boat today. There are sizes that go up to 6XL! And by the sizing guide, they would actually have my size! I’m uber excited and planning to order binder #3 from them with the hopes that I will find a product that I am satisfied with.