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The Game

The closet was dark as he fought his way between clothes, shoes and boxes. His breathing was heavy as he positioned himself against the wall and began to regulate his breathing. He could see the last hint of the afternoon sun streaming through the spaces between the wooden planks crossing the closet doors. Soon, she would be home.

He relaxed more as five minutes turned into thirty minutes, finding ways to amuse himself inside her cluttered closet. He pressed his face against her most delicate garments, sniffing them first, and then rubbed his unshaven face over them. He felt himself growing aroused and quickly forced himself to think about more serious things – like what it would feel like to…

He was interrupted mid-thought by the sound of a car door shutting. She was home. He knew her routine like clockwork. His palms were wet with sweat as he heard the downstairs door open and then close. He closed his eyes, trying to keep his breathing under control as he heard the dead bolt lock click into place. She was all safe and secure from the outside world now. No one could get in. He smiled, thinking, and no one can get out!

Sweat trickled down his cheeks in anticipation of her entrance into the bedroom. The light came on and his body stiffened as the light penetrating the planks felt like a spotlight set out to expose him. He closed his eyes tightly, releasing his clenched fists and breathed through his nose. There, much better.

He slowly opened his eyes to the sight of her undressing. She removed her clothing and laid it aside with such care. Her movements were liquid as she quietly maneuvered naked throughout the bedroom. She was humming a familiar tune. He searched his brain trying to place the song with no luck. Then, he settled back on the task at hand.

He fumbled with the thin piece of packaging rope he had stuffed in his pocket earlier in the day. He preferred piano wire but he didn’t have time to prepare as much as he had wanted. The window of opportunity fell short and now he was forced to play his hand unrehearsed.

He watched her disappear into the small bathroom adjacent to her bedroom. He closed his eyes again, breathing in the scented, humid air as she ran a bath. His jaw tightened as he ground his teeth together, methodically calculating the perfect moment to make his move.

He watched as she bent over her bed, laying out her virginal looking night gown and placing her white frilly panties just so. He slid the door open cautiously. The water filling the tub echoed loud enough to mask any noise from the closet doors. He moved catlike behind her, his cock suddenly rock hard as he wrapped the rope around her neck and snapped her backwards.

He smiled when she gasped. He knew he’s taken her off guard. She struggled not to free herself from his surprise attack, but to be able to breathe. He had practiced this technique before.

He loosened the rope slightly, giving her body enough leverage to slide down so that he could push her face forward into the bed. As she gasped for the little bit of air he was allowing her to have, he had already unzipped his pants and has forcing himself inside her. She let out a loud whimper, at which time he tightened the rope once again. She needed to realize she wasn’t going to be able to scream for help. Hell, she was lucky if he allowed her to breathe!

He used the rope as a reign of sorts, pounding into her repeatedly as tears streamed down her cheeks. He clinched his teeth, thrusting hard into her as if he were stabbing her over and over again until finally, he buried himself deep inside her, spewing his seed inside her.

He stepped back, admiring his work, watching her gasp for air, gagging as her body shook. She found her ground and faced him. A quick slap echoed throughout the room as she scowled. She walked toward the bathroom and turned off the water.

He heard her step into the bath and walked toward the bathroom. He stood over her contemplating his next move. She glared up at him and yelled, ‘not good enough!’

He lowered his head in defeat. She splashed water at him, yelling, ‘I expect more from you! Now bathe me.’

He slid to his knees, taking her favorite sponge and gently scrubbing the day away. She relaxed, settling down into the tub as he washed her hair.


Smut vs. Erotica

It’s 2:08 a.m. — yes! I can’t sleep although I’m exhausted. It’s like my body and brain have been taken over by some invisible force that demands I keep going. If I were a robot, I would be on the verge of explosion. These spurts of restlessness have to be caused by something, right? I could have adult ADHD – eek!

It just occurred to me that I haven’t written any erotica lately. Perhaps I need to broaden my horizons and zoom in on a new duo — or perhaps trio! I doubt it — the trio thing, I mean — I tend to focus on duos better 😉

There needs to be good erotica — classy erotica, not smut. Nothing wrong with smut though. Getting down and dirty is perfectly fine when the mood is fitting.

My characters, strangely enough, always seem to be monogamous. Not that I’m a player — quite the opposite! I would rather focus on the dynamics of a relationship. I think that comes from the idea society throws out that once we’re married or committed that the relationships grows boring in the bedroom. That’s certainly not the case for everyone! Why not create strong characters who get off all day at work thinking about fucking the hell out of their significant others?

Smut often has themes that can be geared toward violent fantasies. I guess there’s some connection between how graphic the story is and how it collaborates with your fantasies? That’s much harder for me to write. You can look at the 2 post evolution of Dick & Jane to see that! I prefer the mystery, the tease, if you will. I have enough dark fantasies to last me a lifetime so I want my characters to have some semblance of “normalcy”, whatever the hell that is!

Why am I writing about smut?? Eh, who knows!

Dick & Jane – The Climax

Dick and Jane had composed themselves by the time the driver had arrived at Jane’s apartment complex. Jane opened her compact, reapplying her lipstick as she waited for the driver to open her door. The moonlight illuminated Jane’s smile as she graciously accepted the driver’s hand. Dick followed in suit, nodding to the driver, an unsaid agreement that he should wait while Dick saw Jane to the door.

The hallway light exposed Dick’s tussled hair. Jane ran her fingers through his hair in an attempt to hide evidence of an indiscreet encounter. “This is certainly turning out to be the most memorable Valentine’s Day of my life,” Jane chuckled, still playing with Dick’s curls. “Jane, I…” Dick started. This time, it was Jane who placed her index finger against his full lips. “Are you going to let the driver stand out there all night Dickie, or are you going to make me sleep alone?”

Dick tipped his hat to the driver who then climbed into the warmth of the car with another story to tell and drove away. Jane stood just inside the doorway holding her hand out to him. He reached for her, following her like a devoted puppy, closing the door behind them. The darkness of the room made it easier for Dick to pull Jane into him, turning her back against the door and pressing hard against her. She tossed his hat into the unknown as his mouth crushed against hers, his hands running up the outsides of her thighs as she wrapped herself around him.

They fumbled through the darkness, losing their clothing along the way until at last, their bodies pressed against her bed. Dick felt primal as he turned her away from him, leaning her over the side of the bed, his constant erection pressing against her. He leaned over her, his mouth moving up her back toward her shoulder as he positioned himself. Jane bumped back against him, a high pitched moan escaping her as he slammed into her, his teeth pressing into her tender flesh.

Jane reached forward, grasping for the soft cotton sheets as Dick continued to pound her. Dick became more aroused with her moans; leaving light bites all down her back as he felt her juices dripping from his cock back against his groin. He delighted in her pleasure, finding himself nearing orgasm as the speed of their dance increased. He reached around her, fondling her breasts, tugging and teasing her nipples until she let out a loud cry. His own climax occurred directly after hers, his eyes rolling as he growled against her sweaty skin.