HERR: a German courtesy title or form of address for a man used before the name as a title equivalent to Mr. in English.

I am a complex being. I am a perfectionist, a procrastinator, and have OCD. I work best in what I refer to as, controlled chaos. My thoughts, writings and ramblings may seem off to you, but to me they are perfectly organized.

I am a transman – pre everything. I have recently begun my transformation from female to male and look forward to living my life as the man I have always been. This has been a life long journey of 40+ years and while I consider myself somewhat of a “late bloomer” in the area of physical transformation, I have always been male consciously.

I am an Atheist. You might say I am a “recovering Christian”. My experience with Christians, not Christ, as well as studies in realism prompted me to leave religion.

I am a political junkie. I do not fall neatly into the category of democrat or republican, but more towards socialism and green. I supported Hillary Clinton in the last presidential race. I was highly disappointed in the democratic party’s decision not to support her and therefore am now a registered independent.

I am a LGBTQIA activist. I seek equality for all people. I do not support big corporations or large non-profit organizations that lead the public to believe they are defending their rights and their positions while they are in many cases using public funds to pay huge salaries to CEO’s. The pitfall of capitalism hides in the dark shadows of such organizations. Activism, in my opinion, should be more personal. Instead of sending your money to large corporations, why not spend your time being active in your local community? Be heard! Be seen!

I am an animal advocate. I want to see animal abusers get harsh prison sentences. I have no patience or pity for those who neglect animals. I do not support the circus, or any other performance arena that uses animals for profit. All animals deserve to live their lives in their natural habitats. I prefer the company of animals any day to that of a human!

I have many interests, including photography, writing poetry and short stories, and web design. I am a history buff, a fan of science fiction and fantasy, a reader of the occult and philosophy, and a dreamer with a larger-than-life imagination. I am fascinated by the possibilities of life extension, extraterrestrial life forms, and forensics. My writings tend to be dark and macabre — you’ve been forewarned!

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