It seems only yesterday…

…that I wrote my previous blog post here! Time flies!

I’ve been on hiatus for a bit, getting my health and personal life in as much order as can be. I’ve many experiences to share, and intend to write on a regular basis.

My health, well, it’s as good as can be expected at the moment. School is kicking my arse, but I assume that’s a good thing! The learning process is never easy if done correctly, right?!  My creative juices are once again flowing and I feel a short story in the making. Be afraid, be very afraid whahahaha!

Much more to come soon!


About HERR

Atheist, Transman, Political Junkie, Animal Advocate, Dark Poet, Erotic Wordsmith, Macabre Dreamer, Forensics Geek, Procrastinator, History Buff, Transgender Activist, Bibliophile & Shapeshifter View all posts by HERR

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