Untitled Poem

It’s madness in my mind,
with bloodstained sheets
and daydreams of red wine,
tablets to tongue so sweet.

None of it makes sense,
the longings for touch,
the pain, the pleasure – wince,
oh the dream’s too much.

I can feel her breath,
hot against the side of my ear,
razor stained by my death,
with a doe-eyed look of fear.

She’s here, she’s there…where?
So close, so far, her candy kiss,
beg for forever, oh don’t dare!
Her arms, locked around me – I miss!

She’s life and death, my heart’s desire,
my angel, my demon, the mirror’s reflection,
a marvelous tragedy fueling my fire,
I’m only half post dissection…


About HERR

Atheist, Transman, Political Junkie, Animal Advocate, Dark Poet, Erotic Wordsmith, Macabre Dreamer, Forensics Geek, Procrastinator, History Buff, Transgender Activist, Bibliophile & Shapeshifter View all posts by HERR

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