Free (My Poetic Justice)

I’m free…

…free of your hate, your games

…free from your toxic insanity

…free from your jealousy, your resentment

…free from the disgust when you look at me

…free of my own crucifixion by your hand

…free from you making me the enemy, the liar

…free from your stabs, your sharp tongue, your accusations

…free from your denial in making this child hate herself

…free from you making me feel worthless

…free from your better-than-thou attitude

…free from your Jesus and your bond to Him as if He would justify your abuse

…free from you the manipulator, the tormentor, the abuser

…free from your hands and eyes, I remember

…free from the blinds that kept me from the truth

…free from you, my sister

I’m free…


About HERR

Atheist, Transman, Political Junkie, Animal Advocate, Dark Poet, Erotic Wordsmith, Macabre Dreamer, Forensics Geek, Procrastinator, History Buff, Transgender Activist, Bibliophile & Shapeshifter View all posts by HERR

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